Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 4 review

The 100-Day Heart Challenge has just concluded its 4th week.  Here are the results as I see them:
  1. Weight lost since beginning challenge: 10 pounds.  This means that in the past week I gained two pounds.  I had hoped that I would have been under 200 pounds by the time of this writing.  Obviously that did not happen.  I am a bit frustrated because I am faithfully exercising and I am keeping up with my diet changes.  That lousy weight loss wall is higher than I would like.
  2. Blood sugar is showing signs of improvement.  It is creeping lower.
  3. Blood pressure:  This past week this has been the one thing that has made me feel like this is all worthwhile.  My blood pressure was under 120/80 four of the seven days in the week.  The lowest reading was 99/62.  The three days that were over 120/80 were just slightly elevated (112/87).  Each of the past four day's readings have been under.
The improvements in blood pressure has made it easier to swallow the fact that the weight loss over the last two weeks has been stagnant.  But emotionally I need to see some progress once again in weight loss.  This positive mental attitude will expire unless it is re-freshened with visible results.

1 comment:

  1. It was great to see you in the gym this morning. You are doing a great job, so try not to be discouraged.

    I often have to tell myself time will go by whether or not I lose the weight; but I feel much better then I would have, had I stayed on my old path with all of my bad habits.