Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Things

So many small things that will hopefully add up to larger things.
1)      Better balance.  I find that I don’t wobble like I used to, standing on one foot while putting my pants on.
2)      It is slightly easier to bend over when my shoes need to be tied.
3)      The ring on my right hand is getting so loose that it slides off when I wave my hand.  The ring on my left hand however doesn’t seem to be any looser.  Go figure.
4)      Pants that used to be snug are now just right.  Pants that were just right are now loose.  Thank heavens for a belt, otherwise those pants may end up around my ankles with the weight of my keys and wallet.
5)      My belt is getting looser.  I have already tightened it one spot and that is now too loose.  Two spots is just a wee bit tight, so I guess I’m somewhere around a 1 ½ belt loop smaller.
6)      My double chin is now a chin and a half.  My man boobs on the other hand are still hanging on.
7)      I take the stairs with more speed and I find that I’m not gasping for air.
8)      Improved blood pressure is a very good thing.
9)      Rarely do I have to get up and pee in the middle of the night any more.  It used to be a nightly ritual for me never realizing that it was a symptom high blood sugar.
10)    I have had two people who know me, but do not know about the 100-Day Heart Challenge, say “hey, you are losing weight”.  Man that feels good.
I am sure there are other small things that I have yet to recognize.  I am grateful for the small things.


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  2. James, my wife and I love reading your posts! You are such a great blogger! Keep up the good work! -JD