Thursday, July 28, 2011


I seem to have adjusted well  to 255 gms of carbs and 9 oz of protein per day that is in my eating plan.  My biggest eating challenge is keeping the fats down.  My eating plan calls for 5 servings of fat per day (25 gms).  I do drink skim milk.  My yogurt is the non-fat variety.  If I use mayo I only use lite mayo and it is used sparingly.  Sour cream, yep fat free.  The other day I had a baked potato and only used a small amount of fat free sour cream and no butter or margarine.

What is killing me is my love of beef.  I find it easy to justify eating beef.  After all my beef consumption is way down from where it had been.  At the beginning of the challenge my total cholesterol was 187.  Thus it is very easy for my mind to say, its okay have a steak or some prime rib.  Yesterday I could not pass up the smoked beef brisket that presented itself to me.  Last week I had a craving for a hamburger.  After a couple of days fighting the craving I decided to have one.  So I stopped at the store and purchased some ground turkey patties.  I  thought this could satisfy my craving.  I cooked up the 4 oz pattie and found that it was satisfying.  Then I happened to look under the package at the Nutrition Facts label.  Each 4 oz pattie had 17 gms of fat, the equivalent of 3 of my daily servings of fat.  What???  I should have just had the beef!!!

Lesson learned, always look at the nutrition facts first.  You can not assume  that just because it is turkey that it is non-fat or low fat.  I won't be making that mistake again.

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