Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tough weekend

This weekend has been a bit of a challenge for me.  It took everything I had to get me to the Wellness Center on Saturday.  I was just plain tired, physically and emotionally.  I've been a bit down because I have hit a weight loss wall.  Anyone who has ever dieted and hit the wall understands very well how hard it is to keep motivated when you seemingly don't see any progress being made in weight loss but you are sacrificing so much.  It really does test one's resolve.  I did muster up enough gumption to get to the Wellness Center.  While driving there I got my burst of energy and happiness that I did not give into the temptation of letting this pass, just this once.  I had a nice work out on my own.  I am seeing progress in how my endurance is improving and feeling like I am gaining some strength.

Now for the food challenges .... oh my temptations abound.  Dinner out on Friday.  I love a little restaurant in Payson called Dalton's.  Deep fried pickles, onion rings, coconut shrimp, fresh baked breads, and wonderful huge desserts.  Well I caved in - somewhat.  I ate one half of a roll, I fit it in carb wise.  I passed on the wonderful onion rings but I had one bite of a deep fried pickle.  I pretty well succeeded in that eating out venture.

Saturday night dinner at the Wright house.  The Wrights just built a fire pit and they wanted to test it out.  Roasting hot dogs, potato salad, and smore's was what was on the menu.  Knowing the menu in advance, I went prepared with a turkey tender that we wrapped in foil and threw in the fire.  Took along some tortillas and the other makings for turkey tacos.  I over cooked the turkey a bit but the tacos were fine.  What I wanted was one of those giant Polish Sausages.  I have been hooked on those things since my mission days in Chicago some 30 + years ago.  I did have a bit of potato salad.  I'm also a potato salad junkie.  Portion size was the key.  I sure wanted more though.

Monday is a family bbq at the in-laws.  I am sure it will be another struggle to keep my eating in line with my diet plan.  When ever the family gets together there is always a ton of great food.  I have really been pleased up to this point of how well I have been able to keep my food choices and portion sizes in line, but like a true addiction, the food calls my name and it takes more will power than I thought I had to turn a deaf ear to its beckoning.

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