Friday, July 29, 2011

Row, row, row, your boat

This morning during my workout session, JD put me through some torture.  He put me on this rowing machine and kicked it up to notches unknown to my body.  I don’t know if it has a proper term like elliptical.  All I know is that it is supposed to simulate rowing a boat.   JD has had me use this machine before, but not to the level of today.  I felt the burn in many places in my body.  My arms, my shoulders, my abdomen, and my heart were all shouting “let me go”.  Sweat was dripping down my face like never before.  I keep a towel around my neck when I work out.  It comes in handy for wiping the beads, or should I say drops of sweat from my face.  Well when doing the rowing I just can not take and hand off the machine to grab the towel.  So my face was pouring in typical monsoon style.  By the time I finally rowed the boat to shore my towel had fallen to the floor.  I was too beat to bend over to pick the towel up so that I could wipe the rain forest from my face.   After about a minute of catching my breath I finally had the strength to reach down and get it.  At one point during the rowing JD asked “on a scale of 1 – 10, where are you?”.  My reply was 11.  I think 11 was being conservative.  Now that I have had time to contemplate it I think it was more of a 15.  It is now 6 hours later and I am still sore.
Perhaps, just perhaps, I have been successful in breaking my addiction of stepping on the scales.  Today at about noon I thought for the first time this entire week “I wonder how much I will weigh in the morning”.  I have not thought about it at all and now the anticipation has me giddy.  Will I be under 200?  Stay tuned. 

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  1. That's a good sore. It means it's working. Keep it up!