Friday, June 24, 2011

Tried to reward my self, but was left wanting ....

Cafe' Rio opened a new eating establishment in Spanish Fork recently.  I had been wanting to try their Fire Smoked Steak Quesadilla.  I thought I would treat myself to one.  After all I have been good with my food consumption and the weight is coming off.  At yesterday's nutrition class I found out that I should limit myself to 225 gms of carbs per day, 9 oz of protein, and 5 fat servings. Pretty much right where I have been.  My wife looked up Cafe' Rio online and found out the protein, fat, and carbs in one of their Steak Quesadillas.  It would put me just a tad over in fat and protein for the day, but alas, it is a reward and I deserve it.

So I stop by that particular eatery.  I pass on the guacamole, yes I wanted it, but I knew better.  Then I started eating that thing.  Mmmm, love the crisp tortilla.  Cheese, good stuff.  Then the meat .... swimming in grease and it left an artificial flavor in my mouth.  I found myself not liking what I was eating.  Rarely has that ever happened in my life.  I ended up eating a little better than 1/2 of the quesadilla and called it quits.  I didn't go over in my protein or fat after all.  Best of all, stepped on the scales this morning to see a 2 pound drop.  I'll take that!!!

I met with JD, my personal trainer this morning at the Wellness Center.  Many of my fellow challenge mates were there working out too.  Good to see us all huffing and puffing and sweating up a storm.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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