Sunday, June 19, 2011

Live to eat or eat to live?

All my life I have loved to eat.  Food has been one of my great pleasures in life.  I guess that's why food ended up being my profession.  It is interesting to see how this last week has changed my perception on food.  I now see how important it is to eat to live.  I have given way more thought into what I am going to eat and even do some evaluation after the meal.  Did I enjoy that?  Did I have enough?  What could I do differently. 

I have found a new appreciation for fresh fruit.  I have eaten more fresh fruit in this past week than I typically do over three months.  And you know what?  I have enjoyed it.  (And yes, I know that I have to control the size and amount of fruit due to the diabetes.)  We do live in a great day!  I mean seriously eating a good crisp apple in the middle of June?  When I was a kid if you ate a fresh apple in June it was more like applesauce surrounded by a peel. 

So far so good.  Life is good!  Wishing each of you the best!

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