Saturday, June 25, 2011

Half Marathon - 5k race thoughts

This morning the American Fork Hospital sponsored a Half Marathon & 5k race.  Over 1,300 runners participated in the race that benefits the Huntsman Cancer Center at the hospital.  This was my first experience attending such an event.  I was there with my employees to provide French Toast, fruit, yogurt, and various beverages to the runners.  It was quite the experience to say the least.  It was touching listening to KSL's Nightside Project Host Alex Kirry announce the finishers and gave a little information on some of them.  I was surprised at the number of runners who were either cancer survivors, or had close family members who were either cancer survivors or who had succumbed to this disease.  My own father was diagnosed with cancer in 1971.  He passed away on July 9, 1991.  I was fortunate to have another 20 years with my hero.

So, to cut to the chase .... today I got thinking, perhaps I should make it a goal to get myself into shape where I could run a 5k.  This would be a major effort on my part.  I have always disliked running distances.  One mile runs in High School were murder as far as I was concerned.  As I have been taking on many changes in my life, perhaps this could be one more to add to my list.  Why not do a 5k run that would benefit one of these:
1) Cancer - in memory of my father
2) Heart Disease - in memory of my mother, grandfather and of course for me.
3) Diabetes - in memory of my mother, grandfather, grandmother, and of course me.
4) Fragile X Syndrome - for my children.  I don't know if they do one for Fragile X.

At the age of 52, do I really want to take on this type of challenge?    I guess time will tell.


  1. James, sounds like a worthwhile goal, I am in if you are but I want to make it next years 5K at AFH. What do you say?

  2. Bruce, I doubt that I will ever be able to do the 5K at AFH due to my duties to provide food and beverage. Does UV do a 5K?