Saturday, September 3, 2011

Something new again and football season challenges.

Today has been a pretty great day.  For the second Saturday in a row I did something I have not done before in my life.  This week's new item:  Racquet Ball.  My son Joshua introduced me to racquet ball this morning.  I found that I liked it a lot.  It gives me a nice cardiovascular work out as well as some thigh and hip work as well.  I was surprised how sore my hips got.  We played for about an hour and a half.  Almost 12 hours have passed since playing and I am experiencing a pretty sore right shoulder.  I know you can get tennis elbow, so can you get racquet ball shoulder?  I enjoyed this experience so much that I am looking forward to doing it on what I hope will be a regular basis.  Its nice to have a son so close by who is so supportive of me and what I am doing with these changes in my life.  He is patient in teaching me new things and his companionship means the world to me.

Now to explain the football season challenges.  It has become a tradition at our house to have a game day gathering.  If BYU plays at home we have a pregame meal at our house and then car pool to the game.  If the game is an away game then we have a house full of family to watch the game with us.  Naturally there is lots of food to enjoy.  Today we enjoyed the company of Stuart & Christina Heimdal and family, Julie, minus Darren, Wright and family, and Joshua & Sherry and family.  It was a great time and lots of great food.  It was a challenge for me to keep away from the foods that were not in my best interests to consume.  I did enjoy some fresh veggies and pretzels for a snack.  I had three bites of some banana bread and had a couple of the coconut M&M's.  All in all I think I did well in keeping to my eating plan.  There are 11 more games to go this season.  I am sure each one will present its temptations.

As of today I am down 24 pounds.  Only one more pound before I reach the goal I set for weight loss at the beginning of this 100 day challenge.  This is great in my estimation.  I have never lost this much weight before in my life.  Once I reach the 25 pounds lost goal, my intent is to move on to another 25 pound goal.  I would be thrilled if I could be down another 25 pounds by the New Year's.  I am certain that loosing another 25 pounds in that time will be a big challenge especially when you consider that I will not have the helps and supports of the 100 day challenge to keep me moving in that direction.  But what they hay, you've got to aim high.

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