Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011 - A Very Nice Day

Today will go down in the History of James A Tanner as one of those all time great days.  Here is the low down:

  1. Started the day by doing the End of Heart Challenge 2 mile "fun" run.  Sorry I wouldn't call it fun, but I would call it personally satisfying.  I did complete the 2 mile course with out stopping to walk.  It took me 23 minutes and 49 seconds to complete the two miles so you can tell that am not a fast runner.  No surprise there I have never been one to run/jog, or what ever you want to call it.  I must state that it was probably the most physically demanding thing I have ever done outside of the Y Mountain Hike a couple of weeks ago.  It was great to do the race with my fellow Heart Challengers.  What a great group of people!!  Each one has inspired me in some way.  I am happy that each has found some measure of success with the challenge.  My never ending thanks and appreciation to JD, my personal trainer for the weeks of help and encouragement and especially today as he ran along side of me for a good portion of the 2 mile run giving me words of encouragement and praise.  My thanks also to JD's wife Summer for sacrificing some of their personal time so that JD could teach me how to better take care of my old body.
  2. Today just happens to be my30th wedding anniversary.  The entire day has been spent with my wife.  She was at the fun run to support me and give me the much needed hug at the finish line.  After the race we spent a little time recuperating and cleaning up and then off to the temple.  We thought it would be a nice way to spend some time in service at the Temple.
  3. Next up we headed off to Park City.  Enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Prime Steak House on Main Street.  The food was great and the reminiscing over the past 30 years with my wife was priceless.  Finished up the day with a nice stint in the hot tub at the condo we have rented.  That soak sure felt good on my sore and aching body.
At this point I can not share the results of the 100-Day Heart Challenge.  The powers that be would not allow us to know the numbers, not even our official finishing weight.  They will give us that news Tuesday night at a celebration dinner.  Regardless of how it turns out I count my self lucky and fortunate to have had this experience.  I can't say  it has been fun, but I can say it has been as personally satisfying as anything I have been involved with in my 52 years of time spent on this earth of ours. 

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