Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Short trip to St George

The family just got back from a short trip to St. George.  It was I believe a fairly successful trip.  Here are a few details:
  1. We rented a condo.  This enabled us to prepare our own meals helping to ensure that I was eating according to my meal plan.  The condo helps feel like you are at home and helps save a few $$ on meals.  You do spend more for lodging so overall it pretty much comes out in the wash.  We did eat one dinner out.  Went to an interesting steak house called Anasazi.  Steaks cooked on a rock.  Now there is a novelty.  We passed on the fondue appetizers.  Plenty tempting, but knew I did not want all the fat in the cheese.  Had a very nice steak, grilled veggies, crisp green salad with raspberry vinaigrette (on the side).  Dessert proved a bit hard to resist.  I did resist the chocolate fondue but instead shared a Creme' Bruele.  I have a hard time passing up Creme Bruele.
  2. No problem keeping up the exercise.  The Condo complex had an exercise room at no additional cost that to say it was complete would be an underestimation.  Life Cycles, treadmills, all sorts of weight machines and free weights.   It had everything that I have been used to using in the Wellness Center at Utah Valley Regional.  I got in a full work out for the two days we were there.
  3. Took the family to see Disney's The Little Mermaid at the Tuacahn Theater.  We had front row seats which came in handy as we occasionally hot a little hit of mist or water splashes from the stage.  This helped keep us cool on a hot summer's night.  The play was top notch.  The talent level of the cast was fantastic, the set designs were amazing and the special effects were great.  The show runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights through October 21st.  Our family highly recommends seeing this production.  Our kids loved it and as adults we felt that they found a way to make us feel like we were a part of the action and not just watching something on a stage.
Life keeps moving on.  So far in the challenge 23 pounds have melted away, 7 inches have been lost from the waist, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are so good that I seem to not even worry about them any more.  Good stuff.  It is certainly worth the efforts.

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