Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Veggie Straws

I found something that I have enjoyed that I thought I would share, especially with my fellow heart challengers.  It is Veggie Straws.  I bought them at Costco.  I would imagine that they are probably availabale in gocery stores too ... I just haven't looked for them yet.  These Veggie Straws are a nice crisp salty snack.  They are made with potato flour and potato starch along  with veggie flavorings.  Each package counts as one carb serving and one fat serving.  They remind me of Pringle Chips to a certain extent.  It is nice to have a salty snack that can be fit in with the eating plan.  Each package (serving size) is a nice amount to eat, but then these straws are mostly air so you get a little optical illusion.  Anyway I like them.

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