Sunday, August 7, 2011

Half Way Report

Well the challenge is now half over and I can honestly say it has been a blessing in my life.  Life changes that are for the good have brought about results that I can only be thrilled to have achieved.

  • Weight lost - 20 pounds (only 5 more pounds to reach the goal I set for weight loss in the 100-Day challenge ... looks like I'll have to reset that goal, darn it 
  • Inches lost in waist - 7
  • On a current string of 15 consecutive days of having a blood pressure less than 120/80
  • Extra energy
  • Added endurance
What's not to like about this.  It has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination.  It has been work, but I sure love the payoffs from that hard work.

Once again my sincere thanks to all who are following my progress and giving me encouragement.  You are a big part of the motivation that keeps me moving forward.

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